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What makes a sleek, pretty iced cake so attractive? Even when you know the slice you get may not be as nice as an average, homemade cake, there is still something about it that lures you in. You often find … Continue reading

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The Glamorous Seductress

In yesterday’s article, I introduced the glamorous seductress. Today I’ll illustrate this seductive type with two clips from the film “8 Femmes”. Here we see a very passionate glamour lady, the fire element being stronger but there is still enough … Continue reading

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The seven kinds of seductresses

There are many different charms that can be cultivated, and many varieties of seductresses. In my earlier post, I explained the four elements that the seductress may embody. I excluded the combinations without air, because I would not call a … Continue reading

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The four elements of seduction

Fire: Physical seduction works immediately. A man can be excited by seeing a sexy woman for five seconds. The fire is a powerful drive, but also comes with a risk. It is easy to create, but hard to control. Fire … Continue reading

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Push and pull

To create the ideal circumstances for a man to fall in love, we must cause him to fantasize about us frequently. If we want to learn how to create fantasies in the minds of others, we must first study what … Continue reading

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Why seduction works so well

If you want to influence the behaviour of another, there are a few things you could do: Nothing Force Negotiate Seduce The first can leave you frustrated and powerless, but it can be a valid option when something really isn’t … Continue reading

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