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  You dont have to be perfect to be charming, feminine and seductive. Imagine a beautiful painting, but dusty and a bit damaged. Or look at the patched bear above. Would you not still be able to love it a … Continue reading

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How to look feminine without even trying

A pretty dress. It is dainty, feminine, delicate. But do you see yourself wearing this after a hard day at work? When you have your nephew over? When you need to scrub the windows? Thought so! When the feminine clothes … Continue reading

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An hour for your beauty

How to do a facial, mani and pedi for yourself in about an hour. I take one large bowl and fill it half with warm water, half with boiling water. Then I add a steaming tablet from Lush. You can … Continue reading

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Balance, femininity and elegance.

When dressing feminine, sometimes it is hard to find a balance between the desire to show off your figure and the desire to show your dignity. It is also not easy to look girly and delicate, yet at the same … Continue reading

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