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How to comfort a man

There always comes a time in a man’s life when he experiences loss or hurt. Hurt comes in many forms; he may be physically hurt or he may lose a person who is dear to him, a promotion he was … Continue reading

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Fear or Love?

  Fear is a strong motivator for most people. They get to work on time because they fear being reprimanded, they wear what’s in fashion because they fear being ridiculed, they hide their more controversial ideas because they fear being … Continue reading

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Bringing out the best

  When you look at another person, what are you looking for? If you give people the opportunity to talk about themselves, they offer a variety of hints, but not every person picks up the right clues. Some people find … Continue reading

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The four elements of seduction

Fire: Physical seduction works immediately. A man can be excited by seeing a sexy woman for five seconds. The fire is a powerful drive, but also comes with a risk. It is easy to create, but hard to control. Fire … Continue reading

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When you are in power, you have the option to harm others. You also have the opportunity to show mercy. When I feed birds in the winter, I show mercy. When I offer a fair price to a desperate merchant, … Continue reading

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Why seduction works so well

If you want to influence the behaviour of another, there are a few things you could do: Nothing Force Negotiate Seduce The first can leave you frustrated and powerless, but it can be a valid option when something really isn’t … Continue reading

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Being cute

When I look at a cute kitten, my heart softens and I want to pick it up and cuddle it. If I saw a big scary tiger outside my door, I’d lock it tightly and call the cops.  The tiger … Continue reading

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