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  Of all the lovely qualities you can posses, sweetness is the most universally moving one. A sweet smile draws others closer to you and a sweet nature will help you be a blessing and a treasure to the world. … Continue reading

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  You dont have to be perfect to be charming, feminine and seductive. Imagine a beautiful painting, but dusty and a bit damaged. Or look at the patched bear above. Would you not still be able to love it a … Continue reading

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Flowers in your hair

You can always look more feminine when you wear a flower in your hair. A hairband with flowers like above keeps loose hair in place and adds some gentle spice to your face. Because the girl has full, healthy hair, … Continue reading

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Being cute

When I look at a cute kitten, my heart softens and I want to pick it up and cuddle it. If I saw a big scary tiger outside my door, I’d lock it tightly and call the cops.  The tiger … Continue reading

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