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  Of all the lovely qualities you can posses, sweetness is the most universally moving one. A sweet smile draws others closer to you and a sweet nature will help you be a blessing and a treasure to the world. … Continue reading

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One word to avoid when you want to be influential

One word I hear far too often is the word “should”. He should want this, she should do that, they should say such and such… How boring! It makes me want to ask why all these people are supposed to … Continue reading

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Push and pull

To create the ideal circumstances for a man to fall in love, we must cause him to fantasize about us frequently. If we want to learn how to create fantasies in the minds of others, we must first study what … Continue reading

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You don’t have to be conceited to have dignity

To have a realistic sense of self and a healthy character, dignity and humility must be combined in your person. This can seem daunting because we often see pride people as being a bit conceited, feeling better than others, and … Continue reading

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An hour for your beauty

How to do a facial, mani and pedi for yourself in about an hour. I take one large bowl and fill it half with warm water, half with boiling water. Then I add a steaming tablet from Lush. You can … Continue reading

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The one thing you need to be treated right

Boundaries Human interactions, at a certain level, are like a negotiation. The other party makes an offer, you accept it or reject it, and in the latter case he may either make a better offer or let you walk away. … Continue reading

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