Little exercises in femininity: Dance


A delightful way to increase your feminine radiance from within is by dancing. When we dance, we enjoy the stirrings elicited by the music and express them through our bodies. In essence, we transform sound into feeling and then into something visual. We also use our bodies to transform ourselves and use our emotions to transform or bodies.

Make sure you are alone in the room. Find a song that truly stirs your emotions and inspires you to dance. Look up the lyrics if it is not in your language. Take a few deep breaths. Surrender to the rhythm. Enjoy the movements of your body. Relish in releasing a new aspect of yourself.

Once the song has past, stand in stillness and note how you feel. What sensations are in your body? What thoughts are in your mind? Write down your findings in your new journal.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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