Little exercises in femininity: Make a Journal


With the new year, one often embarks on the road to a better self. Let’s start by making a journal! Any lined blank book will do, and can be personalised with paint, stickers or pretty pictures.

Set aside a time each day for journaling. I enjoy reading and writing to unwind after most of my day is done. In addition, I find that I sleep much better when I refrain from screen time and exercise in the hour before bedtime. Sleeping well helps me feel rested and happy. Now set aside a place to do your writing. tidy up that place just enough to sit comfortably and be relaxed while writing. Sit down with your journal and try it out.

Now imagine yourself writing in your journal every day in your chosen time and place. How does this make you feel? What sensations are in your body? What thoughts are in your mind?

Write down your findings in your new journal.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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