So you want to start wearing dresses

wearing dressesSome ladies wear skirts all the time but are new to wearing dresses. Skirts are lovely and very easy to combine. Of course we need to combine skirts with a top so we tend to buy them with this in mind. We tend to buy dresses to wear on their own. But to be honest, a dress can also be worn in a variety of ways. I’ve picked two tea dresses, an LBD and two cocktail dresses.


DaytimeThese two outfits are lovely during the daytime’; having lunch with friends, going on dates, meeting his parents and even for work, if you need not dress too formal. The shoes and bags are simple and the outfits contain some neutral colours as well as bright ones. The jewelry is subtle.

LBDHere are a few ways to wear a Little Black Dress. Left is a work look in all neutrals, very subtle and practical but still elegant.  In the center a brighter look that goes both ways. The shoes are more evening style, but don’t look out-of-place in the afternoon. The purse is bright and fun. Swapping the jacket for a sparkly shrug and the silk scarf for a fascinator is all you need to transform for dinner. On the right, you can see how festive and chic a LBD can look. So if you only own one dress, a flattering black one should be it.

CocktailParties are amazing, especially if you have a party dress you love. The floral silk number is great for a wedding or jubilee. A good girl look with a bright cardi takes you from the afternoon to the evening. An A-line skirt tends to make a dress more good girl and more daytime because it hides some of your shape, but they are also very feminine and floaty.
Straight skirts show the most of your hips and tend to be the sexiest, yet they also look sleek, professional and grown up.

The red dress is more sexy; I’d love to wear this outfit on a dinner and dancing party; or a date that involves dancing.  The skirt is fitted at the curves, but swings out in a circle at the knee, so the bias adds movement as you dance.  Circle skirts, which contain bias sides and bias cut flared skirts are also good for dancing; you want dresses that dance with you.

If you want to look mysterious; look no further than a black dress with black heels.  You can look like a film star, a writer, a seductress or a gallery owner.  You look very sexy, yet also like our mind has even more to offer than your body. Wear it with the evening purse, red lipstick and a statement piece of jewelry, a piece that draws attention to your best feature. A bracelet if you have elegant hands, a necklace if you have a lovely chest or neck. Not something subtle, but something that people will ask about.


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I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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