The rainbow


Love is a single force that is expressed in many facets, just as a rainbow is a single light that is expressed in a myriad of colours. When we hear the word love, we often think of being in love, of passionate love, of romantic love. This is a beautiful and vivid expression of love. But all love strengthens the soul and awakens the heart.

Hope is a form of love that enables us to try what we are not sure we can. Hope awakens and supports courage, (The word courage comes from “coeur”, which is french for heart) the strengthening of the heart to rise to the occasion and discover how amazing we really are. We see this as fast, revolutionary growth, but we could also see it as discovering parts of us that have previously been hidden to us, but been there all along in the shadows. As we let our light shine upon the shadows, we realise we are not small and unimportant. As we enlighten the hidden parts of ourselves, we stretch our perceived self to meet the challenge.

Friendship is a gentle form of love. To share the joys with a friend and celebrate together doubles the positive feelings in the heart. To share the pains with a friend, find comfort and acceptance, allows us to move through the pain and heal. We feel supported, understood and appreciated. When a friend shares his feelings with us, we feel and learn from experiences other than our own. Friendship is light reflected in a person we empathize with, whose feeelings are mirrored by our own. We learn to see others as feeling, loving and loveable creatures as we put our heart out there I the world.

Passion is love set aflame. It naturally contains a little madness, as it is the opposite of the cool, collected, calculated part of us; The mind. Unless rules are broken, it is not passion. This part of the heart is the rebel, the revolutionary that breaks free from the authority of mind. When we feel passion, we melt the rigid structures of convictions and conventions. Passion is suffering, in fact, tears have the same structure dissolving function. When we break down and cry, part of our mind litterally breaks. We drop our duties and surrender to the heart.

“Melior de cinere surgo”

But structure is meant to be broken down and rebuilt once in a while. Sometimes old convictions and conventions are obsolete, and breaking them simply liberates us. Other times old convictions and conventions are just as relevant in this time and place. A transgression may be just the thing to remind us why. Then, something magical happens. When we no longer carry duty on the sheer willpower of our spine, and we feel an inner calling to carry out this duty, we find that we bear it on our heart. And what would have been backbreaking to rigid structure, is a precious load that only lightens the heart…


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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2 Responses to The rainbow

  1. Agnes says:

    I was searching around for “How to be a feminine seductress”
    and found your blog and i must say,it is very well written and
    really inspiring that made me want to read every single post. 🙂
    Am definitely recommending people to see this….so beautiful….

  2. Thank you Agnes! That’s very good to hear 🙂

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