Natural beauty and feminine bravery.



When a girl who makes no effort to look to look attractive, men assume she is not enthusiastically in the market for dating. She may be surprised by an admirer, but it is quite rare. The sexless role is safe because it does not put the girl out there. Another source of comfort is the thought that she might attract her favourite if only she made more of an effort. This comfort is equal to that of the underachiever. Along with any very alternative styles that make a woman actively look less feminine, it acts as a shield to the girl. Her essence is defensive.

When a girl dresses very sexy and wears enough makeup that her individual look is smothered, she appeals to the fiery sexual drive that is near universal in men. Especially if she offers sex, she will rarely be rejected. The sexbomb knows the outcome. Sex will be offered, which she can accept or reject. Or a date (with the man expecting sex soon) is offered by a more devious guy. She is in control and once she has accepted the role of the hottie, it is a very safe one. Her essence is agressive.

Natural beauty is so attractive exactly because it is vulnerable in essence. When you have clearly put in the effort to look your best, yet also accept that you have your individual beauty, you may or may not attract a specific man. You accept that men have their individual tastes, which may or may not include your type, but when a man is into your type, it is clear to him that you are in the market for dating. When she goes out, she may or may not be asked out by a guy she likes, the outcome is not in her control. This is scary and takes courage. Yet it is the vulnerable essence itself that marks the height of attractiveness, and tells you when you are wearing neither too much nor too little makeup, and showing just the right amount of skin. More than a pimple left unpowdered, the “I can’t be bothered” shield is unattractive. More than the too bleached hair, the sword of “So sexy you cannot refuse” keeps him from calling you back. Either attitude makes a man feel unimportant, insignificant or unmanly. Men are more attracted when they feel good, manly and important. Looking naturally pretty and radiating a soft, feminine essence help him feel this way.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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