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Now, I just told you that meeting the love of your life is a matter of attitude before location, but the latter still matters. Few women meet a wonderful man while staying at home baking cookies or reading in the back yard or in a female dominated line of work. Yet, you need not spend your all free time in sports bars, in toolshops and at investment seminars either.

No matter what your interests are, it helps to be friendly with lots of people of your own age and station in life. Men, especially attractive men rarely get introduced by the older generation. So while it is good to be friendly with your aunties and your dad’s friends; spend most of your free time with young people who are single or still have single friends. It is healthiest to interact with both men and women. Male close friends can be like brothers and help you learn about how men think. Casual male friends, such as colleagues and classmates can be dates for you or will have friends who can date you. Sometimes a total stranger may ask for your number, but for most women, this is not the most effective way to meet men. Most guys are a bit reserved, and a stranger has only your looks to go by. If a woman is pretty enough to motivate him to walk up to her, she is pretty enough to intimidate him.

Going for drinks in a group that includes men makes it easy for a regular guy, who experiences a hint of shyness. Not for a stranger, but for a friend of a colleague it is fairly easy to strike up a conversation and, after a fun chat, ask you out. Let your male colleagues and friends take you to the bars they like, that is where the men are. The places need not be hip, as long as they aren’t seedy. Do bring at least one other woman, so that the group is a mixed group, which gives a better dynamic. Avoid being one of the guys, but dress ladylike, be moderate with drink and go home before things get rowdy. This means you will also be in bed by midnight, getting your beauty sleep. A woman who looks professional and feminine, interacting freely, joyfully and decently with men just like him is very approachable to a good, normal man. Do make sure you study, work and sport at places with men who are dating material to you, for when you go out with them you will meet more of the same.

When you go out as a group of women, you may also meet the friends and brothers of your girlfriends. But, even better to stay at home with them. Not to hide from men, but to throw dinner parties and invite your male friends. Let them bring the drinks while you show off your cooking skills. If you happen to bake good cookies; this is your time to shine. Any celebration is good; birthdays, graduations, promotions or bank holidays. If you have no occasion, play a board game in winter or a sport with a picnick in summer. In such a setting, the men will take the time to get to know all of the girls present. Girls who are plain looking, but dressed attractively and girls who are shy, but warm up later need men taking the time.

These tips will be effective for all age groups, but do adjust them to your situation. If you are a 24yo PhD student, go to graduation and promotion parties, conferences, bars and play sports at the university. If you are a nurse in your forties, you will need to make more of an effort to have single friends your age to have dinner parties with and go to parties for singles over 40. Most of your colleagues will be women, so you need to meet male friends through a hobby. Make a point of having a drink afterwards as a group, so you get to know them and their single friends. Also socialise with women who have many male friends.

If you are over 30, it is a great idea to do online dating and speed dating. As more people your age are coupled, you need places where there is a concentration of singles. The boon is that men in their thirties who are actively looking to date, are often doing so because they have a career they are happy about, are ready for love and hoping to meet that special woman. Where men in their 20’s may often use it as a means to sex, men over 30 who date online expect to go on fun dates together and start a serious relationship. They can easily afford to take you out properly and often do. If you date online, try a serious site for a month and if you are happy with the kind of men you meet, stay for a few more months. If you are not happy with the audience, for example the religions and education levels in the group, go to another site. Regardless of your age, consider relocating if the demographics in your town are not in your favour. Some places are disprotortionally affected by social ills, while others have more than their share of upstanding citizens. Make your live in a positive place, and socialise in positive circles. Not just to meet men but to be happy and healthy too.



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