Often, we believe love is about meeting a person, a very special person, who is just right for you and will make you happily ever after. A kind of saviour. We tend to focus on where to meet such a man. And yes, in love you do meet a very special person, he will be right for you and you will be happy together. But there is a nuance. Love comes from within. It is an attitude that is part of you even before you meet. From a perspective of love, you love men and you see the good in manhood. This helps you see the good men and to see the good in them.

Until you are right for yourself and accept and love yourself unconditionally, you will meet men who see you in that same light. If they are decent men, they keep some distance from women who lack self love. He may feel sorry and try to help, but something will be missing and after a few dates it’s done. If he is less decent, he may want to spend a lot of time with a woman who lacks self love, but this is not a nice kind of dating. The men have their own journey, and if you are out of key with love, dating is difficult. They cannot be Mr. Right for you, they cannot save you or make you happy. Only you can be your saviour.

Now, when you love yourself first, things just fall into place. You are on the same wavelength as men who are ready for a love relationship, and the ones who are not only last a few dates. When you meet a man who is decent, attractive and compatible, see how special and right for you he is. You respond in ways that elicit his loving behaviour and awaken his feelings for you. You have enough mental and emotional peace to weather a normal storm, and enough dignity to let the wrong men go. One cannot stand a tornado, one avoids it. Love brings you in tune with your natural intuition, which leads you to a loving life. This means friends who accept you as you are, work that is meaningful, compassion for others and a happy, harmonious love relationship.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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  1. I’m back at the keyboard. My time is dear but I aim to spend some of it writing again.

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