To cultivate inner beauty, we need a calm mind and a soft heart.

Avoid unneeded and excessive emotional disturbance. Reading few a calmly worded articles about unpleasant things that take place in the world help keep one informed. But ask yourself if you need start each day with a newspaper with loud, angering headlines that exaggerate injustices and controversies to rile a reader up? Do you need to watch half an hour of mayhem as you come home from work? Comparing products on the internet and viewing a few advertisements can help you when you need to make a purchase, but do you really benefit from listening to loud, repetitive commercials? Do you need to view sales messages that play on your insecurities? Is there any reason to commit five evenings a week to watching soap operas and viewing a lot of adultery, backstabbing and intrigue with hardly any though provoking content to balance it? A more mindful use of the traditional media; as in choosing a few programmes and periodicals and consuming them in a disciplined way, goes a very long way in keeping a calm mind.

A lot of younger women have transitioned towards the more self directed on-line media. On the positive side; this gives more freedom to avoid commercials with noise and refrain from being ruled by the programming schedule. On the negative side; this opens you up to exposing yourself to obnoxious messages 24/7. Another possible source of mental garbage are negative people on social media. Constant complaints about their own lives and attempts to control your behaviour towards negativity are signs they need to be blocked and unfriended. You cannot save people who persist in misery, and even if you could, why not save yourself first and show the world an inspiring example? Them when others seek your guidance, you have far greater chances of making an impact. What goes for online ‘friends’ naturally also goes for offline ones.

A final source of disruption are our responses to negative feelings that arise in our hearts. It is perfectly normal to feel darker emotions, such as sadness, frustration, anger and envy. We cannot help their appearance, but we can help out reaction to them. When we are sad, we can swallow our tears in bitter thoughts and hard drink, or we can be vulnerable, admit our pain to ourselves and cry. When frustrated or angry, we can succumb to ugly curses, rudeness and screaming or we can take a walk, think about what needs are not being met and find a way to get them met. When we feel envious, we can lower our self to gossip, competing or even only to resentment or we can recognise our desire to have what another has. A beautiful, self loving and sensible response awakens us to our inner needs, wishes and desires.

Choose clarity over clutter.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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2 Responses to Serenity

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  2. queenlyreign says:

    Beautiful! There’s so much to learn from this blog and I’ve been studying Fascinating womanhood going on three years now! Thanks for your insight.

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