Dressing for your figure: Apple

Apples are round, cute  and juicy. They have average sized shoulders, breasts and hips, with a larger waist and a round tummy.  Apples resemble baby dolls and look their best in clothing that enhances their cuddlesome look. Their hands, wrists and lower legs tend to be more delicate and should be emphasized with rings, bracelets and the prettiest shoes.

Here’s a dress that would be stunning on an average size apple. Girls who are balanced at the shoulder, hip and bust but also have a round tummy and love handles can be made to look  almost like a subtler version of the hourglass. (Very slim women with a round tum tend to be rectangles and triangles.) All the folds make it hard to tell that the belly is bigger and create more shape in the bust and hip.  A corrective brief to the underbust can mold the middle a bit to help with this illusion. It shows off the legs and wrists that tend to be the more delicate parts of the apple body.  To further highlight the hands and wrists, do your nails nicely or get a manicure and wear an eye-catching bracelet. Some long earrings draw attention to your face and lengthen the upper half. With this colour, amethyst would be very nice. The shoes could be a peeptoe in some berry shade, oxblood pumps or some dark brown boots in autumn.

For the big apple, the focus should be less about creating a shapelier figure, and more about showing off the huggable baby doll appearance you naturally have. Empire lines work great for you and this bow neck adds a bit of girlishness.  I’d choose blue or green shoes and a bracelet for this outfit, and no belt, unless you are more pear than apple. I’d also choose bright pink for nail varnish and lipstick.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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One Response to Dressing for your figure: Apple

  1. Francesca says:

    I’m an apple. I like your suggestions. I love pretty shoes.

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