Dressing for your figure: Triangle

The triangle is often seen as an ideal figure; no cellulite, no saddlebags, no big bum or thighs, and a full bust or athletic shoulders. Yet, as a triangle girl you may feel a bit boyish at times. To look your best, you can create curves by adding volume to the hips or by shaping the waist with wide belt and femininely tailored jackets. Both V necks and halternecks are becoming on you, as they break up the upper body. You’d want to avoid boat necks, turtlenecks and anything that makes your upper body look larger or more severe. A lucky thing is that you will be able to get away with more ruffles and ribbons than your curvier sisters.

This dress would look terrific on a girl with athletic shoulders and a medium-sized bust. It shows off your sporty body, nips in the waist, creates curves and softens your angular lines. Because of the neckline, it does require a long neck. With the beading, you can keep jewelry simple; diamond studs or drop earrings suffice. If I was a triangle going to a party, I’d wear this with the most amazing strappy silver sandals to show off those slender legs. To dress it down a little for a dinner, it would look good with a black jacket or cardigan. This further slims the upper body and allows you to wear it with simple black pumps.

Here’s a dress that looks good on those girls who are built like a boy with boobs. The V-neck lengthens your neck ad breaks up the bust, yet shows a hint of your feminine cleavage. The ruffles and the floaty fabric soften your look and the bow adds some sugary sweet girlishness. It would be nice to repeat the dusky pink of the bow in shoes, earrings or a hair accessory. Shoes and purses in navy, white, brown or bone would also work wonders with this.


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I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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One Response to Dressing for your figure: Triangle

  1. I have broad shoulders, so my body looks quite masculine at times as I am tall as well, dressing for this body shape can be so hard. Great post.

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