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Dressing for your figure: Rectangle

Rectangles have a balanced figure, just like hourglasses and apples, their shoulders and hips have the same proportion. But where apples and hourglasses have roundness, rectangles have straight, square lines. Most rectangles are slim, but one can also find tall, … Continue reading

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Dressing for your figure: Apple

Apples are round, cute  and juicy. They have average sized shoulders, breasts and hips, with a larger waist and a round tummy.  Apples resemble baby dolls and look their best in clothing that enhances their cuddlesome look. Their hands, wrists … Continue reading

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Dressing for your figure: Triangle

The triangle is often seen as an ideal figure; no cellulite, no saddlebags, no big bum or thighs, and a full bust or athletic shoulders. Yet, as a triangle girl you may feel a bit boyish at times. To look … Continue reading

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