Dressing for your figure: Hourglass

Hourglass actually describes a variety of figures that all happen to dip in at the wait a lot. Some have large shoulders, a large bust, a long narrow waist, broad hips and wide thighs, like a double triangle. Others are fine boned and fleshy with average shoulders, a very large bust, a narrow midsection with full hips and a round tummy and bum, like a peanut. Both look good in clothes fitted at the waist, princess lines, v-necks, sweetheart necks, wrap dresses and tailored, single breasted jackets. Hourglasses should avoid any wide, tentlike dresses, boxy jackets and shapeless shirts.

Double triangles look good in wide skirts, with belts that emphasize a long, tiny waist, and plain sleeves. This one would be perfect, especially with a red or brown belt. Another good outfit for this type would be a fifties skirt with a short sleeved blouse and a wide belt.

Biubiu dress

Peanuts look good with sleeker styles; tight skirts to show off a round bum and fine knees, no fuzz at the waistline, and details at the neckline, shoulder or sleeve. A brooch close to the shoulder and some red lipstick would look nice with this. The necklace in this picture is also a good example of how necklaces can be worn by busty women: On or just below the collarbone to fill in the space.

Biubiu dress

Both dresses are from Biubiu, a small company that sews for busty women.


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