Glamour II

The enchantment of glamour requires the space for the viewer to project dreams and fantasies on. This often means being somewhat distant and dishonest makes it easier for him (or her) to become infatuated with you. At the same time, this makes it very difficult for the viewer to love the real you. On one hand, our ego wants us to be the dazzling superstar seductress and on the other, our heart wants to be open and loved. How do we resolve this?

Distanced, glamorous people have the reputation of winning and breaking many hearts. Glamour appeals to the dark side of the viewer, but there is no reason why a worthwhile girl could not mercifully indulge the dark side of her beau. Power, in itself is neither good nor evil. It can be used to hurt but also to heal. When you show something of yourself, something real and good, but without showing too much too soon, you allow for magic to happen. Instead of the viewer projecting a full image that traps you, you let him project a sparkle on your skin, a shine on your hair and perhaps even a halo over your head.

Imagine a mask that is made from coloured glass and another made from wood. When you wear the wooden mask, you are hiding your true self, being defensive and absent facially.  The mask is the same no matter who wears it. But with the glass mask, you are showing your own face, at least most of it, and enhancing it with the qualities of the mask. Not only that, but you are also enhancing the mask with the radiance of your face. Notice the win-win situation here. We have our dazzling, glamorous image and our radiant, open heart working together.





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I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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