What makes a sleek, pretty iced cake so attractive? Even when you know the slice you get may not be as nice as an average, homemade cake, there is still something about it that lures you in. You often find people glamourising negative things like violence, prostitution and drugs. And somehow, things that have a dark side lend themselves surprisingly well to glorification. Perhaps the mix of darkness and glittery brightness are especially attractive. But why?

We all have a dark side. Because your quarry is aware of his own dark side, it puts him at ease to discover that you have a dark side too. Yet, had you displayed your dark side too brazenly, it would likely have scared him off.  That darkness hidden behind softness and light is not just attractive because it suggests “A lady in the street and a hussy between the sheets”. Veiled darkness is also alluring because of its ambiguity. The contrast itself gives one two concepts between whin one can doubt. This, the act of doubting, forces one to think of the ambiguous object. In this case, you.

The root of the meaning of the word glamour is that of a magic act, and in a way it still is. Glamour casts a spell on the ordinary and base, making it seem extraordinary and exalted. It is neither truth nor lie, and creates a new truth. The glamorous version of a person is like the love-baby of the real person and the fantasies of others projected on him, or more often, her. I’d say that it is not just the result, but also the process that makes the object of glamour so wondrous. You see, when we invite someone to glamourise us, we invite him to paint the pictures of his imagination unto us. We welcome him to express his artistic talents. Now, had we already been perfect, the spell would be empty and the viewer no artist. The spell of glamour allows you to take a step into the dream world of the viewer. It is here and only here that love is created.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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2 Responses to Glamour

  1. Angela says:

    Excellent read. Very interesting

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