Market dating vs. limit dating


Let me first show the process that inspired this theory to all who are not so familiar with investing. Imagine you are selling gold bars and are looking to get around 1600 for each bar, but would be satisfied with 1500. If you order to sell with a limit of 1500, you will not be sure when your broker sells them for you, but you will be sure that when you do, you’ll be satisfied with the price. If you place a market order, you will surely sell them, but it may be at 1400 if no good buyers come to the market today. In both cases you may still get 1600 or more. Each has its advantages.

With dating, the popular strategies can be similar. If you simply accept the best guy you meet within a few months of being single, you wont be alone much. At the same time, you may not always get the kind of guys you are happy with. The girl who is not picky uses the market strategy. Another option is to set boundaries of things you will not accept and things you need. This means you may be single for a long time, but when you are with a guy, you tend to be happy with him. (This assumes that you do have a good idea of what makes you happy. If you don’t, you may have some soul-searching to do.)

What strategy is best for you does depend on your needs and your goals. If you are just looking to have a relationship and do not mind if this guy is not the one, market dating my be for you. It also suits those who are okay with continuing to look for a better deal while dating and of course, those who really do not enjoy being alone. Limit dating suits those who are more comfortable being alone, do not enjoy breaking up or who are looking for the one guy to spend a lifetime with. So there is no such things as being too picky, as long as you are comfortable with the risks associated with your choice. If you want to set your requirements such that you have 95% chance of meeting a guy who meets them, that’s fine if it is really important to you not to be alone. Want to set them so high you have only 20% chance of meeting the one? That is okay too as long as you are willing to live with the risk of staying single. There isn’t one size to fit all. Why would girls who enjoy solitude take the same approach as those who dislike it?


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