The future of masculinity and femininity part 5

The deeper truth is that if you enjoy a game, and it creates real emotions that result in a fun, happy and lasting marriage, why would it matter if this would be ‘Fake’? Would you rather express what is real only, even if it means boredom and bickering?

Our future person will probably still enjoy polarity. If he is a man, he can find things to do that make himself feel masculine, or that his wife sees as masculine. He can take her to Tango class and lead, he can protect her with an umbrella in the rain, he can provide her with a delicious meal in town. What gives if he pays it from their shared account? Or if money is no longer relevant? She can in return get dolled up in his favorite dress, let him figure out the directions and ask him to please be a hero and remove the spider. Who cares if she had robots put the spider there? Or the spider is a robot programmed to only crawl into the house when the husband is home? In a future world, when even fewer opportunities are offered for ‘real’ masculinity to be needed, we will have to create our own polarity…or do without.

Creating polarity means we don’t need to have the same roles and live as roommates, nor do we have to live rigid, stifling roles. It is also not a compromise between the two. Rather, every man finds out for himself what he sees as masculine, what actions make him feel masculine. That can be helping a lady in her coat or it can be repairing a car. He has a clear, masculine role, but it may be very different from his neighbour’s masculine role. It is the same way for each woman. One woman may feel feminine when she sews a dress, another when she wears high heels. The only compromise is in combining the inclinations of two people in marriage.

When society has no stake in enslaving workers and consumers, it will naturally leave people free to choose roles of their own. There is no need to turn men into drones that man factories, armies and offices and women into breeders to create more drones. There is also no need to break up the marriages to make two singles spend more than a couple or to push women onto the workfloor to earn extra, pay a higher mortgage and hike up houseprices. When human free, we have a new kind of passion. Notice how free our future humans were without long workdays, drudgery of housework, just doing the interesting bits. Imagine how happy their lives would be with the added spice of playing the roles of their own choosing?

Going back to the young woman from part two, and her brother. Put yourself in the shoes of each of them. What would you do to improve the polarity ad how would this make your life more satisfying and your marriage more passionate. If you were a single man or woman, how would you play the fun games to make your interactions with the opposite sex more exciting? How do you see femininity and what can you do to feel more feminine? If you are a man, what is masculinity to you and what activities make you feel like a real man?


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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