The future of masculinity and femininity part 4

Men have a deep need to feel masculine and women a deep need to feel feminine. Or perhaps it is a desire rather than a need. But how to fulfill this desire when there is no need for the labor of provider and housewife?

I read of a group of people who enjoyed attending church together. At some point, most of the group realised they no longer believed in god, but they still loved attending church. They continued to do so, not to avoid hell or secure a place in heaven, but its own sake. Compare small, delicious dishes to a bowl of rice. The latter is physically nourishing, necessary to the hungry man. Yet the small, delicious dish can be of interest to the man who has already had his porridge. It’s something he eats for its own sake.

Look at children, they bake sand cakes that cannot be eaten, they play doctor to mock-heal those who aren’t sick and play house to care for dolls. Play consists of things that don’t need doing, but that are fun to do. The heiress is put in a long floating dress with a tight corset. She appears to be helpless and is oh so appealing to the suave gentleman who dotes on her. He in turn makes a big show of going out to hunt and bringing home a hare that she fawns over. This is fun and play for adults.

Role playing is at once make-believe and the recognition of a deeper truth. Make believe in that the heiress is perfectly capable of fending for herself and the hare-catching gent is not nearly as efficient as a producer of food than the cattle farmer. The recognition of a deeper truth because the heiress is after all a woman who enjoys being cosetted and taken care of for its own sake and the gent enjoys helping and being admired for its own sake.

Thus, the game of polarity is both lie and truth. We play it not to meet any physical need, but to create and fulfill desire and through this open the road for the deeper truth.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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