The future of masculinity and femininity part 3

Once the majority of boring, tedious and backbreaking jobs are automated, work will be different. Imagine a machine that made any vase you designed on computer, small enough to fit in a garage or spare bedroom, available for half a year’s salary. Some kind of nanotechmachine that made it glass, plastic, stone or whatever. You would find customers on the internet, find out what they liked and design something to fit their tastes and houses. Or you’d design what you liked and produce a dozen of each and sell them online. This would be something you enjoyed doing, something you expressed creativity in and were happy to do out of free will. Society would not need to force you to work, nor would you need to enslave people in any way to work in your sweatshop. Being a provider is no chore.

Robots would clean your floors, kitchen, bathroom and do the dusting, wash and dry the dishes and clothes, and grow all sorts of food in your garden. They would cook any recipe you fed them, unless you enjoyed cooking and did it yourself. Raising children would still require a good bit of energy, but it would be more like raising children during a vacation is today. Much of the parent’s stress stems from trying to keep a house clean, and getting work done while raising children. If robots do the cleaning and you work from home for a few hours daily, there is no need for a child to be dressed in a hurry. School, no longer needing to prepare children for a repetitive job that needs a drone for a worker, can stay much closer to what children naturally enjoy.  You can homeschool if you like and make use of many good lectures and books on the internet or teach through play. Being a nurturer is no chore.

There would be no need for a division of labor, as there would be no chores to devide. Robots could de all routine production and maintenance jobs, in the house and the world at large and humans would have food, clothing and shelter without needing to work. (If this sounds overly utopian, realise that once robots are cheaper to maintain than humans, those humans who lack adequate capital ) Those things that only humans could do would be fun, creative work, like designing objects, thinking up recipes, research. You would do those tasks you enjoyed. The paradigm of seeing masculinity and femininity in terms of provider and housewife or even producer and consumer is not holding.  A society without workers would not need population growth, so there would be little pressure on people to become parents unless it brought them personal fulfillment. The escape route that sexuality offers is not going to hold either. Being the beautiful arm candy sex goddess is rather fruitless when a robot can fill the same role. (Of course, as soon as most of the girls shown off are robots, they lose their fuction of lending status to a man.) Having an amazing technique is less alluring when toys have thousands of amazing techniques. There is no ‘useful role’  that people need to fill to uphold the social fabric. Yet, men have a deep need to feel masculine and women a deep need to feel feminine.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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