Colour theory: Summer

Here you see a summer palette. As you can see, the colours are light, soft and cool. It seems like all the shades have the tiniest bit of gray mixed in. The light colours are powdery pastels and they look especially good on women who have a light, mild colouring. Soft summers have very little contrast between skin, hair and eyes. Grayish eyes are common in this group, as is mousy hair. These people would disappear in bright satins but look amazing in washed silk. The cool shades are a bit more vivid, yet still not as saturated as winter colours.

These are three rows of combinations that look good on summers. In the top row, with cool sand, pastel pink and ivory, the lightness dominates. Imagine an ivory suit with a pastel pink blouse, sandy sandals and pearl earrings. Wouldn’t that look great on a platinum blonde? Now notice how cool and gentle the second combination is. A grey floral dress with soft teal accessories isn’t icy cool, but gentle like a rainy day in june. The soft, grayed blues in the final row would look great on a girl who has very little contrast going on. Imagine a dress with a print like watercolours on her…

These combinations are a bit more vibrant. Light again dominates the top row, but this time with ice-cream shades. The second row is very obviously cool and crisp. The third row is made up from soft berry shades. Another three colour combinations are shown in the columns. Imagine six outfits with these combinations. If you are a summer, which one would suit you best and why?


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I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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2 Responses to Colour theory: Summer

  1. Alice says:

    I love all these colors and I am a summer!

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