Colour theory: Autumn

If you are an autumn type, you will look best is dark, soft and warm colours. You may have warm red hair and freckles or light brown hair with golden eyes, but there are many autumns with blonde or dark hair. It’s more about an overal warmth in the complexion. Some of you may look good in very dark, serious colours, others in soft, muted ones and again others are most flattered by warm shades. When you think of these colours, it is hard not to think of tweed and tartans and hunter’s green but of course you want to look good in something more glamorous than wellies and a waxcoat.


Here are three cheerful autumn combinations. Imagine the lighter purple as a dress, with a dark brown jacket and shoes and the darker purple as leather gloves and purse. Nothing dusty about that.  The second row would be great on a soft autumn, very different from what most would see when they think of this season. For example, a soft blue skirt with a soft green  sweater and warm stone accessories. The third line makes a sunny combination of colours.  A long summer dress in champagne with yellow flowers could be worn with an orange belt and sandals. See how these shades look nice even when the weather calls for something lighter and brighter?


These are some more traditional combinations for autumns. Think about how you can make them look feminine and inviting by the use of materials, prints and cuts. Again the top row is mostly dark, the second row mostly soft and the third row mostly warm.


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I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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