Don’t get mad, or even…Get happy!

“Sigh No More”


Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more. Men were deceivers ever, One foot in sea, and one on shore, To one thing constant never. Then sigh not so, but let them go, And be you blithe and bonny, Converting all your sounds of woe Into hey nonny, nonny.

Sigh no more ditties, sing no more Of dumps so dull and heavy. The fraud of men was ever so Since summer first was leafy. Then sigh not so, but let them go, And be you blithe and bonny, Converting all your sounds of woe Into hey, nonny, nonny.

Love is such a dangerous sport, and not even the smartest doctor can cure those pesky broken hearts.  Then, what can a simple girl do?

If your dearest girl friend has a broken heart, now is the time to lavish her with all that is cute and caring. Bake her some cupcakes with little flowers or ribbons, buy a box of pretty chocolates and her favourite tea and let her talk and weep for a bit. Instruct her to take long warm baths and escape into an adventurous book. If sadness sneaks up on her, let her note what she has missed, if anger knocks on her door, let her note what has stifled her. The sooner she learns from her mistakes, the less likely she is to repeat them. A week later, take her to a place with cheerful music, delightful little bites and darling colourful drinks with lemon slices and little umbrellas. (Not too many lest she falls for the next scoundrel.) Sometimes a dear friend is better than a doctor.

Are you the one with the broken heart, and have you no such friend? Why not become your own best friend then? Do all of the above for yourself and while you are at it, make use of any motivation to get even by changing the habits you dislike in yourself and reorganising your wardrobe.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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4 Responses to Don’t get mad, or even…Get happy!

  1. Alice says:

    Love this. Very sweet and effective!

  2. Omg, how cute! I love this idea.

  3. Valentina says:

    I love it…This is such a beautiful article and exactly what you should do for a friend (or yourself) if they’ve just dealt with some sort of heartbreak. Maybe even if they haven’t…I think this is the sort of thing you should do with your best friend every onnce in awhile anyways…

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