Colour theory: Winter

The winter palette is dark, bright and cool. If you are a winter type, all these three qualities can be seen in your colouring, but usually one of two will be most obvious. My own colouring is first of all bright; the contrast between my skin, my hair and my lips is quite strong. Secondly, there is some darkness to my look. My hair, lashes and brows are very dark, but my eyes are light brown. However, I’m only slightly cool. My skin is very close to a neutral beige and although silver is generally better on me, I can wear gold quite well if combined with a bright colour. If your strongest quality is brightness too, you may look stunning in royal blue, bright red and hot pink. Other winters may be dark, and look terrific in deep purple, charcoal and burgundy, even when those are combined with black. The third kind of winters are cool before anything else and they require no warmth whatsoever in the colours of their clothing. They flaunt it in fuchsia, cool blue or any of the icy pastels.

The top row would make a stunning combination for a bright. The grey could be a skirt, worn with a hot pink top under a lipstick red cardigan and finished with red shoes and a grey purse. The second one is quite dark, almost gothic. The charcoal could be used in the coat, the darker purple in a wrapped dress with the vivid purple as a camisole and hair ribbon. The final row is made up of very cool colours, that could almost suit a summer if a hint of grey was added. Imagine the ice pink as a blouse, under a casual navy jacket and the periwinkle as a skirt. Very crisp!

Think of some outfits you could make with these colour combinations. Which one would suit you best, and why?


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I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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One Response to Colour theory: Winter

  1. Penelope says:

    I think I’m a winter, so this is fabulous! Thanks feminineseductress 🙂

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