The Glamorous Seductress

In yesterday’s article, I introduced the glamorous seductress. Today I’ll illustrate this seductive type with two clips from the film “8 Femmes”.

Here we see a very passionate glamour lady, the fire element being stronger but there is still enough refinement to express the earth element. She is a mistress. Notice how her street dress is very ladylike and subtle, yet attractive. The red dress she wears underneath is sexy and highly flattering, but not revealing. It has sleeves, a mid length skirt and a very moderate cleavage, quite appropriate for a dinner party. The slit is perhaps scandalously high, but this is in all fairness the only hint at rule breaking. Objectively, she is a thin, almost bony woman over 50. She is not trying to look young and busty, but fully accepts this and makes the most of what she has with an elegant, sophisticated look. Because is not hiding behind a facade, she can express the power and beauty of her soul in its full glory. Her greatest asset is her extremely seductive voice.

This is a glamour girl who is somewhat more decent, yet the competitively dark femininity of the fire element still adds plenty of pizzaz to her role as a wife. At first I see a grande dame who is probably an exquisite hostess. Her dress is a discreet dark green, in a simple cut that flatters her. An example of the genius in this choice is how the dress as a whole is a matte crepe that flatters her probably not so perfect body and keeps the look modest, but the neckline and cuff are made of satin, discreetly in the same colour, that flatters her skin and gives it a silken radiance. She too is over 50 and fully accepting the charms and privileges of her own age and marital status. She dresses sumptuously, enhancing the status of herself and expressing that of her husband. (A young single girl dressing this way would be ineffective. She would scare suitors who assume she is accustomed to great luxury and would be trying to hard to look sophisticated when simple dresses flatter her fresh complexion.) Again, we see a woman who accepts things as they are and celebrates them. This is the essence of being a seductress.


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I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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