The seven kinds of seductresses

There are many different charms that can be cultivated, and many varieties of seductresses. In my earlier post, I explained the four elements that the seductress may embody. I excluded the combinations without air, because I would not call a woman a seductress unless she had some degree of insight in her charms and some power to use her charms effectively. The first three form the basic class of seductresses, those that are common, one-dimensional and a bit old-fashioned. The advanced classes of seductresses are rare, and only available to the most desirable men. Their roles are more varied and more satisfying and they are far more likely to be the only woman in a man’s life. The more a woman can express of herself, in a seductive way, the more parts of a man she captures. In the ultimate seductress, we see a woman fully expressing herself, capturing a man completely. Naturally, she is not for everyone.

  • Fire + Air = Passionate seductress. The original bad girl, sexy, fierce and strategic enough to lure men into a web of delight. There is something very primal and raw about this kind of woman. Some would call this type of seductress the whore archetype, the eternal Lilith. She has an intense sexual presence, but may fail to stir the gentler emotions. It is very rare for her to be part of polite society. Neither love nor social pressures bind men to this kind of woman, so while she can get the interest of many men easily, she may have difficulty keeping it. Especially since so many of the men who come to her, do so because they see their own primal sexuality as bad, and as something that can only be expressed with a bad girl.
  • Water + Air = Adorable seductress. The cute, girly girl who wins the hearts of men, but is often looked down upon by women as fluffy and weak. Men dote on this seductress and fall in love with her femininity. The waif archetype corresponds quite well with her, casting a man into the role of the hero she so desperately needs. Although this seductress gets the best part of a man, namely his heart, she may be quite inept at handling marriage or single life, lacking the character and the skills to find happiness in either.
  • Earth + Air = Admirable seductress. The original good girl who is desired for her virtues.  The ideal daughter in law and in an arranged marriage with the option to have dalliances in the side, the ideal wife and mother. These seductresses have their territory in the Victorian era and more conservative cultures where a woman’s greatest assets are her virginity and her domestic skills. The downside of this role is that it can be rigid and boring, the woman is often confined to the domestic role alone without much access to romance and glamour. To add insult to injury, the eternal Eve must often endure her husband resorting to a mistress for the qualities she is not allowed to express.
  • Fire + Water + Air = Romantic seductress. A very dangerous and powerful combination in which the darker femininity of the fire element heats up the irresistible girlish charm of the water element. There is no promise of virtue or stability, but it takes an iron will to keep a clear head when this seductress works on both the heart and the groin.  The fact that she is more likely to lack practical skills and have intense emotional needs cause her to seek the company of many men, at times not only the good ones. But this may drive some men to compete even harder and lose their minds and fortunes for her favors. The downside is that this type is most hated and despised by her own sex.
  • Water + Earth + Air=  Fascinating seductress. This is basically the ideal woman according to fascinating womanhood. She has the attractive girlishness that draws a man in and makes his heart melt, and then makes him happy with her skill in the feminine role and her virtuous character. This seductress is seen as the marrying type, much more so than any of the others.
  • Earth + Fire + Air= Glamorous seductress. Regardless of her actual age and class, this type of seductress will come across as mature, elegant and independent. She is often beautiful, wise and refined, making her very appealing to men of good taste, passion and intellect who enjoy the company of an independent woman. Because her need of a man is less intense than that of the other seductresses, her role is very popular with modern women.
  • Earth + Water + Fire + Air= Ultimate seductress. This woman has fully realised her seductive potential and expressed her whole self seductively. She makes a fantastic wife that a man can easily remain faithful to, as she accepts and engages him completely; His character with his role as a husband, his heart with his romantic, chivalrous role and his groin with his dark, passionate role as a loves. A man can only really feel comfortable with this kind of seductress if he fully accepts all three sides of himself and sees none of them as evil.

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I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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6 Responses to The seven kinds of seductresses

  1. Alice says:

    Well done!!

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  3. Kaye says:

    Thank you for this blog. I’ve just come across it.

  4. Earth + Air = Admirable seductress.

    Thats me 😦 which I was more glam!

    • Well, that is a good start. This simply means you need to develop your soft, waterlike charms and then your sexy fire qualities. You are a sensible woman and you can become much more with a bit of polish.

  5. D.B. says:

    Romantic Seductress here. Leo Sun, Gemini Moon, Scorpio Rising. Very accurate – love it! 🙂

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