Wardrobe for a redhead

Here is an example of a planned wardrobe for a friend of mine. For a redhead, I look beyond the seasons because green and teal are so brutally attractive with pale skin and flaming red hair that we want to center her wardrobe around these colours. Still, her colouring is somewhat cool and quite bright, but because she has so much less darkness than the average winter, yet not nearly enough warmth  to use spring neutrals, I used more navy than black as her neutrals. (Note that teal and navy tend not to print too well on computer screens. It can nearly look like a cool summer combination depending on your screen.) We use black and navy form the winter palette as neutrals, along with grey in the print of the skirt and cardigan. Teal and royal blue are taken from the winter palette, but the sea green is a spring colour, as is the turquoise, because my friend is close to the cusp of bright winter and bright spring. I use colour theory as a guideline, not a rigid code.

She lives in a cold country, so while it is a spring/summer wardrobe, I included a sweater and a cardigan, mostly long sleeves and some leggings to add warmth. Her basic shape is a pear to hourglass, with her butt and hips being her best assets. I used some clothing with details at the top to make her appear more balanced. Skirts are fitted enough to show her shape. She is in her early twenties and mostly wears casual clothes but would like something more feminine that still fits her lifestyle. As a student, most of her activities are informal, like class, going to the library, spending time with friends.

Most of the clothes are made of jersey, which is always comfortable and casual. I included a pair of jeans and let the ballerina’s and sneakers be a bright colour to make it all a bit less dressy. The large bag has a fun pattern and can be used to carry books, go shopping or even short travel. The patterns on the cardigan and skirt also make her look less serious than block colours. Now if she had a presentation or job interview, she could wear the navy skirt with the jacket and look very neat. Her pumps have a slight platform to keep it hip, because she is on the short side this is especially flattering,  and her small purse is also in a trendy rather than a classic shape. Her party dress is a very glamorous teal number but with enough of a sleeve to still be appropriate at a wedding. If it is a cold night, she can wear it with leggings and the cardigan for a funky look, or make it chic and sexy with her jacket and a pair of fishnets or sheer stockings.


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I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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  1. Beautiful wardrobe for a young redhead! Lucky girl. . .

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