How to make men want to protect you

Testosterone instills in a man the intense desire to be a winner. If a man fought hard to get a desirable and elusive woman, he cannot stand for other men to win her as well. Imagine winning a gold medal in the Olympics, feeling like the ultimate winner and then seeing you neighbour, your best friend, your colleague and the retarded kid across the street win the same medal. You would not feel like much of a winner anymore, would you? A man who admires a sense of dignity in his woman and considers her to be very sought after feels the urge to guard her to protect both her honor and his own status as a winner.  It is very exciting for a man to feel the need to guard and the more testosterone driven a man is, the more he thrives on competing and winning. At the same time, it is intensely depressing for a man to compete and lose. If a man sees himself as unable to win you from other men, he may refrain from trying if he is afraid he may lose. This can even happen in a married man who reluctantly or even enthusiastically resigns himself to the role of the cuckold. His fear of losing stops him from competing. Alternatively, he may go rogue, cheat in this game and win by foul play. The overly controlling man is as fearful of competition as the overly permissive man.

A healthy man of honor and courage welcomes competition if he is likely to win. He enters the arena well prepared. Every man who is honorable has the natural inclination to guard his woman. On one hand, this urge promotes chivalrous behaviour that makes a woman feel treasured. On the other hand, it can be oppressive and make a woman feel unfree. Like with all the values, the key is balancing it with other values. A man who has respect for a woman, as a person and not just a trophy, who cares deeply about her feelings will want her to have enough freedom to be happy. Another thing that tempers his need to control is trust. If a man met his woman while she was out dancing with her friend, getting drunk and acting raunchy, and he managed to both kiss and feel her up in the center of the dance floor, he is not going to be happy when she goes out with her friends. This is simply logical. No one likes to be embarrassed and betrayed. Now if he met her at the same club, yet she was moderate with drink, flirted coyly, and pushed his hands away when he tried to pull her close, he will be much less controlling about this. Finally, the courage that a man possesses determines how he deals with competition. A cowardly man may be controlling even if he can logically trust his woman and normally cares about her feelings. A heroic man has enough confidence in himself to express his desire to protect in a positive way.

You can inspire healthy guarding by having a feminine appearance and manner and being friendly to others, including men. If you have been working on your character and appearance, this will come naturally after some time. Let him see that other guys hit on you, including desirable guys. If a man is disrespectful and blatantly sexual, make it clear that this is out of line. However, a man who is interested but respectful can provide an exciting challenge for your main squeeze. If you make it clear that this man is just a friend or colleague and perfectly harmless, you will look like the innocent, pursued party. Your dignity and sexual restraint proof this further. You don’t linger at men’s apartments or make out with men you date in the streets, so on a rational level you cannot be expected to indulge in a dalliance. On an emotional level, the idea that you have the opportunity to do so flares up his competitive drive. Thus, you provide an exciting game, that your beau knows he can win. Let him guard you like a princess, not a prisoner.


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I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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