The four elements of seduction

Fire: Physical seduction works immediately. A man can be excited by seeing a sexy woman for five seconds. The fire is a powerful drive, but also comes with a risk. It is easy to create, but hard to control. Fire used at the wrong time or in the wrong quantity burns the earth and makes the water evaporate. Just like too much salt and spice spoils the dish, yet a little whets the appetite and makes a bland dish exciting.

Water: Emotional seduction work slowly and steadily, like a stream polishing a rock. It can be used from the beginning, but its effects are not immediately noticeable. However, the effects of emotional seduction work on the heart and stay active for months. If a rock is in the stream for two weeks, the difference is hardly noticeable, but look what happens after a year! The soft power of water makes up the meat of the seduction.

Earth: Soul seduction is the slowest of all, yet the most lasting of all. When you gaze into the soul of another and find beauty there, it warms your heart for live. There are many compatible men out there, after all there are 3 billion. But when you have your heart opened to one particular compatible man and you see the beauty of his soul, you feel as if you met your one and only soul mate. So does he when he sees the beauty of your soul. So work on your character and beautify your soul to be prepared for that moment. The earth element makes the seduction fulfilling and healthy, like vegetables and potatoes in a meal.

Air: Mental seduction is like the wind that heats up a fire, creates waves in the sea and turns sand into sandstorms. It adds power to the other forms of seduction by using them in an orderly and calculating manner. Air seems to be nothing, and on its own it has little substance. A purely strategic person is cold, hard, a brain in a jar. But a man who is solidly your soul mate and strategically shows his sexiness and his protective masculinity until you can’t help but gaze into his soul with an open heart is utterly seductive. The ultimately seductive woman is the same. If seduction was a meal, this would be the plate and the presentation.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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4 Responses to The four elements of seduction

  1. Ekaterina says:

    interesting =)

  2. Teresina Wickham says:

    reading the last sign, Air, put it all together for me. Your writing is beautiful. I especially like your description of ‘water polishing a rock.’

  3. I’m glad you like my writing!

    You may both look forward to more on this topic in the future.
    Have you any particular element you especially express curently?

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