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Three ways to happiness

    Do what you feel you need to do, and do it well. When you procrastinate little tasks, you avoid a short period fear and work. The downside of this bargain is that you trade this for a long … Continue reading

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Colour theory: Autumn

If you are an autumn type, you will look best is dark, soft and warm colours. You may have warm red hair and freckles or light brown hair with golden eyes, but there are many autumns with blonde or dark … Continue reading

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Fear or Love?

  Fear is a strong motivator for most people. They get to work on time because they fear being reprimanded, they wear what’s in fashion because they fear being ridiculed, they hide their more controversial ideas because they fear being … Continue reading

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Prestige vs. qualities

Prestige describes our standing as seen in the eyes of others, our power to impress. Many men are very much drawn to women who are prestigious, because they feel a deep need to impress others. A woman’s sources of prestige … Continue reading

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Honest Strategy

Most people would associate strategy with deceit and dishonesty. I purpose that we can be very honest without being artless. Let each soldier be a real quality, a real weakness or a real passion. If I throw all my soldiers … Continue reading

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Colour theory: Winter

The winter palette is dark, bright and cool. If you are a winter type, all these three qualities can be seen in your colouring, but usually one of two will be most obvious. My own colouring is first of all … Continue reading

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Don’t get mad, or even…Get happy!

“Sigh No More” BY WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more. Men were deceivers ever, One foot in sea, and one on shore, To one thing constant never. Then sigh not so, but let them go, And be … Continue reading

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The Glamorous Seductress

In yesterday’s article, I introduced the glamorous seductress. Today I’ll illustrate this seductive type with two clips from the film “8 Femmes”. Here we see a very passionate glamour lady, the fire element being stronger but there is still enough … Continue reading

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The three secret ingredients of mind control.

I used to host games to entertain diners at a restaurant. There was one story, and each guest would play a role in it. I handed them cards with a loosely defined script for each ‘act’ and be their guide … Continue reading

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The seven kinds of seductresses

There are many different charms that can be cultivated, and many varieties of seductresses. In my earlier post, I explained the four elements that the seductress may embody. I excluded the combinations without air, because I would not call a … Continue reading

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