Wardrobe planning

Being well dress does not require much money or a perfect body, but it does require a lot of thought and planning. If you want to look feminine and attractive and feel comfortable at any occasion, it helps enormously to be prepared. After all, you can’t wear what you don’t own. The principles of being well dressed are these:

  • Flattering colours.
  • Style of clothing brings out the best in your figure and face.
  • Suits the weather.
  • Suits the occasion.
  • Clean and in good repair.

We’ll add the principles of feminine dress

  • More skirts, less trousers.
  • Fabrics that aren’t too coarse.
  • Look like you have a waist.
  • Heels if it is fitting to wear them.

In the colour theory posts, you can learn what colours are most attractive on you. I’ll write a series of posts on flattering your figure too, because it helps enormously. Right now we’ll focus on what suits the weather and the occasions you encounter in your normal life. This is different for every girl, so take a pen and paper to do this for yourself.

For example we take a girl in her twenties or thirties who lives in a cool, four season climate, for example Northwest Europe or the Northern states in America. She can expect to face some snow and cold, a lot of rain, many temperate days and a few hot days. Let’s say she works in an office that requires neat,  clothing on most days and occasionally a suit. In her free time, she goes out for walks, shopping and to museums in the daytime and in the evening goes to a bar, cafe or restaurant or she visits a friend for dinner and drinks. Sometimes she dresses up for parties or to see a show. She usually walks or takes the subway as she lives in the city. Many young women have this kind of lifestyle and following the traditional advise for ladylike dress would result in too many formal dresses and items that are for the country.

For this girl I’d pick the following clothes for work, in colours from her palette, all harmonizing:

  • A suit in a dark neutral with both trousers and skirt, for fall to spring.
  • Another suit with a skirt or sleeveless dress, in a light neutral for spring to fall.
  • Two skirts, straight or flared.
  • Three sweaters or cardigans for cool days.
  • Three blouses.
  • Three stretchy tops that can be worn alone or under a sweater.
  • A winter coat in a neutral colour. (The suit jackets can be worn alone in other seasons)
  • A pair of boots and a pair of closet toe pumps in a neutral colour.

She could wear the suits with blouses for formal meeting, and normally a skirt with a sweater, blouse or top. If the sweaters are thin enough they can be worn under the jacket or dress, and worn with boots for very cold days. If they are thicker and looser, over a blouse. The winter coat helps with warmth, and thermal tops and tights can help if it is very cold. All these clothes should be good quality and classic enough to last 3-4 years, the stretchy tops and sweaters can be cheaper if they aren’t old.

For her free time, I’d pick these

  • Two dresses for dinner or drinks, above the knee, that are feminine, in her best colour and in her version of black. Think along the lines of a LBD and its more cheerful cousin.
  • Two skirts in a feminine fabric or with a cute print. (That harmonise with the tops and sweaters she owns already.)
  • Two pretty tops that can be worn with her work skirts for the evening.
  • Two party dresses in her best colours that attract a bit more attention. One of them should be fit for weddings and family parties, the other a bit sexier.
  • A pair of strappy sandals in silver or gold, with a small party purse. (Silver and gold are the party neutrals.) A pretty shrug.
  • A pair of ballerina’s for walking, and a pair of heels in a vivid colour to make outfits less serious.
  • A large casual bag to go shopping or to the park and a cute small-medium purse for cafe’s, bars and restaurants.
  • A bright warm coat, a raincoat and a casual jacket.
  • A pair of jeans or casual trousers.
  • Two summer dresses and a pair of wedge or flat summer shoes.
  • A pair of sneakers and two yoga pants for the gym.

The separates make it easy to quickly go from work to play and to combine into a variety of outfits. Her LBD can be worn with a jacket and boots on a cool day, with the bright shoes can cute purse for a normal dinner or with the party purse and sandals to look more festive. Bars in the city tend to be dark, so older shoes and tops can be used and trendier clothing of lesser quality will work pretty well. Short sleeved stretchy tops that are old can also be used at the gym. The dress you wear at weddings should be good quality though. It will be worn in the daytime and seen by aunties who care about little flaws. The bright coloured dresses could be mid-priced or bought on sale. Bright coloured heels and purses can be cheap as long as the shoes don’t hurt. Overall, things should look younger, more feminine and more fun than what she wears for work.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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8 Responses to Wardrobe planning

  1. Alice says:

    Great, helpful information. This kind of stuff is not taught to young women. Yes, there are magazine articles, maybe books and television shows, but you have put it all together in one place here. Easy to understand and organized! Thanks!!

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  3. Rowan says:

    Hello –
    I love your blog. The items you discuss for a proper wardrobe here are spot on. I am also thrilled with your color theory posts (I’m both winter & summer!). I must have read a hundred lists of ‘wardrobe essentials’ before I serendipitously stumbled over here. The items you present resonate with me and they way I would like to present myself to the world. I have been working towards a similar collection, at odds with the ‘conventional list’ although, I could not have enumerated the contents better. I feel so happy to have discovered this treasure trove of information. Thank you for writing this blog. You are so good.

  4. That is really good to hear, Rowan!
    Most of what is out there is either advice for a life we wish we had if we lived in the sixties, a capsule wardrobe so trendy it would expire before its worn out or a career in 1992 when women still had to dress unisex to be taken seriously. I aim to give advice that is balanced between timeless and modern, and adaptable to your own basic look and lifestyle.
    It’s interesting you are both winter and summer. Do you look good in all those many cool colours or some of each?

    • Rowan says:

      I feel best in some of each -summer pinks and winter green. My coloring varies with the seasons. There is a marked contrast between my hair (dark) and skin (pale with blue veins) in the winter. In the summer I tan without even trying and my hair lightens easily as well so the contrast in my coloring is diminished.

  5. How interesting! If your contrast changes with the seasons, it does. It’s not about fitting into a type, its about finding the colours you look best in 🙂

  6. click says:

    Just to let you know your web page looks a little bit different on Safari on my computer with Linux .

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