Wardrobe planning, another example

Let’s imagine a woman in her thirties with small children in a warmer climate, perhaps the mediterranean area, the Southern states or Australia. She lives in a village, likes gardening and dances salsa with her husband twice a week. They frequently go out dancing. She rides a bicycle or drives her car. When she visits friends, they tend to be other moms or people she knows from dancing.

For the parties and other smart social activities, I’d pick:

  • Three pretty party dresses with full or ruffled skirts, in her best colours.
  • Three full, flared or ruffled skirts for dancing.
  • Two sleeveless  tops and two tops with sleeves.
  • Two pairs of heels she can dance comfortably in. Two small purses.
  • A shrug and a pretty stole.
  • A light jacket to make her dance outfits suitable for more occasions.

She doesn’t need a lot of classic black suit like items that a lots of people recommend in a capsule wardrobe. She may join her husband at an office party once or twice a year, so if one of her dresses is suitable for that, the others can focus on dance. The friends she visits dance too, so they consider it appropriate.

For the daytime, I’d choose these:

  • Five jersey or cotton skirts.
  • Eight jersey tops with short sleeves, two with long sleeves.
  • Two pairs of cute flats to run after kids.
  • A pair of wedges and a pair of comfortable pumps.
  • A sun hat.
  • Two pairs of sturdy trousers for the garden, with some sneakers.
  • A raincoat for cooler days and two casual jackets.
  • Two summer dresses.
  • Two cardies.

She needs lots of clothes that she can throw in the washer because stains happen when you have small kids. A lot of her clothes can have floral prints that do not show small stains so easily. Spiky heels would not be very practical in the daytime, because she will have to walk over grass or sand often. Still, cute shoes make an outfit more feminine. The clothes for gardening aren’t very feminine but the suit that kind of work, the other clothes are as feminine as they can be but practical in that they can take frequent washing. If she wants to look a bit nicer when her husband comes home, she can put on some pumps, some lipstick and a pair of dangling earrings and look quite feminine.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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