Refined appearance



To look feminine, it is important to first look refined and take good take of your appearance. When you dress in delicate, feminine clothing, but have unkempt hair, rough heels and stains, it gives a silly impression. You my even look mad if it is extreme. Or imagine a sexy outfit, but with chipped nails, rough skin and makeup that needs to be touched up, it can look tawdry and even cheap. So make sure you have a fitting ritual for your beauty and hygiene. Everyone will either have an imperfection or look stiff for maintaining her look too rigidly but a daily routine prevents these imperfections from piling up into a careless appearance.

A woman who takes good care of her appearance sends out a quiet, positive message that is happy, healthy and proud. She would also be seen as one to care for her belongings and loved ones. This would then cause others to enjoy giving items to her, as they imagine she would treasure them. They feel rewarded by the care they imagine she gives to her belongings. To show more of this, take good care of your clothes. Keep them clean and repair them, iron what needs to be ironed. (Buy clothes that do not require it if you want to contain your workload.) Shine your shoes and jewelry, wash ribbons and flowers you wear in your hair. If you have a job, this will also help you look professional and trustworthy.

This advice is applies to both the fair and the unfair sex. Yet it is especially important for women. Refinement helps a man in business and romance, but a rugged look can also have its appeal and exceedingly refined men may come across as effeminate. A man is generally a little less refined than the women in his circle, but not too coarse compared to them either. For a woman, refinement is thus rarely excessive if it is her habit and the norm among her peers. There is such a thing as being too prim and perfect, but this only happens to women naturally inclined to it. If you are a perfectionist, fear not, because there are many charming flaws that can be applied artfully to enhance your femininity and charm. The naturally imperfect, like myself, will do well to refine themselves enough to have a clean and solid canvas to paint an enchanting appearance on.


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I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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  1. dice says:

    I’m not sure if you gave permission for this or not, but wanted to let you know that this post has been reprinted without credit being given, on a BDSM/fetish website here:

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