Colour theory: Spring

This is a spring palette. As you see it is light, bright and warm. One of these qualities may be strongest in your own colouring, and the colours where they dominate probably include your best colours. For example, Kermit green looks better with bright features that match its intensity. Pale peach looks compliments a light colouring and warm orange a warm colouring. But most of these colours will look good on most springs, and there are many other spring colours out there.

When planning your wardrobe, it is nice to take two of the spring neutrals to choose a few basics in like shoes, suits for work and coats. Then they can look good with a variety of the more vivid colours. In the picture above are a few examples. The first row shows cream, pale peach and warm light blue. It would be nice for a lighter spring to wear at work on a warm day, the shoes and purse could be cream, with a peach skirt that is neutral enough to be suit like. The blue could be a pretty top and could come back in a nice bracelet. The second row is more bright. Imagine shoes and jacket in the beige shade, a peachy pink dress and a purse and flower in warm pink. Very cheerful! The third row is warm. It would probably not look bad on an Autumn that has a lot of warmth. I can see a warm spring having a winter coat in this dark camel and a cozy sweater in a combination of yellow and orange.

Here are three more combinations. If you are a spring, is there one which would suit you well? What quality would it enhance in you? What clothing would look nice in it?


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