Colour theory

Wearing colours that flatter you enhances your beauty and charm greatly.  When wearing your best colours, you naturally present yourself in a seductive way; Your best assets are brought into the light, and your flaws are downplayed. You look attractive, harmonious and elegant.

Most women have a vague idea about what suits them. You probably know a few shades that generally look attractive on you, and a few you can never wear well. To improve this further, you can start by finding out why a colour may or may not suit you. When you look at your face in the mirror, with no makeup and your hair pulled back, what do you see? Is there a lot of contrast, or just a little? Darker or lighter? Warm or cool undertone? What do your good colours have in common? What do your bad colours have in common? Do you look better in gold jewelry, in silver or are both okay? You may also ask these questions to a few trusted friends, to get a second opinion.

Most of the time, not all answers point in one direction but you do see a general trend. For example, I look best in bright red, hot pink, royal blue, white and black, but I can also wear some light colours. My worst colours are brown, orange and army green. I can wear silver well and gold if it is not too yellow or dark. My face has lots of contrast and looks cool more than warm and somewhat dark.  Notice that my best colours are mostly bright and cool, and my high contrast points toward brightness as well. Most of my good colours are cool, most of my bad ones are warm. Bright, cool, and dark make up the winter colours. A good friend of mine has little contrast in her face, she looks good in muted colours, which point towards the softness of summer or autumn. Another friend looks good in earth tones and warm colours and her face looks warm with a lot of darkness, a combination you find in autumn. I’ll show all the palettes in a series of posts so you can study the differences and see what suits you.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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