Women and career

This is a question by Ekaterina:

I have a question that I have in my mind for a long time and ask every feminine woman. What do you think about women and business(career)? What are pros and cons for a woman to be in the business?

A very good question. I think it mainly depends on the situation the woman is in. Does she have other duties that take up a lot of time? Is she financially independent? Is someone happy to take care of her?

For example, a single girl living alone is much better off with a job. If no one else is happily providing for her, she must take care of herself. I do think it is great that young women have the opportunity to find jobs, rather than have to be supported by a father or brother who sees it as a burden, going on welfare or being with a man for the money. I very much value choosing a good husband who has  a worthy character and is compatible with me.  I think it is splendid that we can generally afford to wait for the right guy, and choose a love marriage. What does come with this is that not everyone will find the right person and some women will remain single for life. It is good to do something that is meaningful to society and many women are talented and very good at what they do. If a single woman can find a career that she enjoys and takes pride in, that is very good.

Now a married woman with a baby is different.  Being responsible for a family, a couple must to make sure that all the duties are done, those include providing an income, keeping the house and caring for the child. It is easier to get all of these done if one person is primarily responsible for the home and the child. Of course, this could also be the father, but generally the mother is more suited for it. Women are the ones who breastfeed the infant, and even when both work, they generally tend to do most of the housework. What you often see in women who work fulltime and have a baby, is that they run themselves ragged because they come home stressed and face several hours of housework and childcare. Men are generally more ambitious and get more fulfillment out of being the main provider and also feel less stressed when they provide for a family then women are. In this situation a woman should really ask herself why she wants to go to work. Is the income of the husband not sufficient? Is she doing a job that is incredibly important or fulfilling? Or is she simply trying to prove herself? Or keeping her skills updated in case of divorce? Or working for a big house and car to impress others?

Now many women fall between these situations, they may be married with no children at home or with the kids in school. Or maybe their mother in law is happy to babysit very often or they have hired help. Maybe the husband is not earning much or maybe he is ill. What is best really depends on the individual situation and is a choice the husband and wife make together. It’s probably wise to bring up the topic before getting married. It also depends on the woman’s individual opportunities and desires. Not all work is fulfilling, many jobs are simply about getting things done and earning a paycheck. Women are not all the same, and what is good for some is not always good for others. For every woman out there who is discovering a medicine, doing work only she can do, who loves her job and would feel locked up at home, there is one slaving in a factory, competing with scores of others to stay employed, who hates her job and would love to be at home. I want for all women to have the freedom to make the choice that suits them best.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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2 Responses to Women and career

  1. Ekaterina says:

    Thank you, Gigi, for answering my question right away. I so agree with you that the most important is that a woman always has a choice to choose what suit her best.

    As well, I love your points about questioning the reasons why we want to have a job and facing the answers sincerely.

    When I once asked myself sincerely why I wanted to pursue a career, I realized that I want to feel useful and valuable – I want just to fit the modern standards. It was a life-change moment – because I decided to work more on my self-esteem instead of doing what I don’t really enjoy.

  2. Alice says:

    Totally agree!

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