How to look feminine without even trying

A pretty dress. It is dainty, feminine, delicate. But do you see yourself wearing this after a hard day at work? When you have your nephew over? When you need to scrub the windows? Thought so! When the feminine clothes you have aren’t comfortable, you’ll probably reach for something drab whenever life gets in the way, which is really a shame unless your life is a string of nice parties. (If it is, send me an email 🙂

A jersey skirt or dress is feminine, comfortable to wear, and can be washed frequently. I could definitely see myself wearing these while cycling, doing the dishes, looking for something under my bed. If your office isn’t too formal, you can wear it with a grey jacket at work and change into a stretchy pink top when you come home. Most of my clothes are like this; made from stretchy cotton, washable and versatile.

On the same note, you’ll wear sneakers a lot less if you have a pair of comfortable, classic pumps and some cute ballerinas. I love, love love cute strappy high heels, but I would not reach for them if I’m going to the park or it’s rainy or I may walk a lot. These things happen in my life as they happen in the lives of most women, and the key to looking feminine in everyday life, is to plan for everyday life.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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