Fascinating Womanhood 1922

Quite many women are aware of Andelin’s version of Fascinating Womanhood but few know the source of these secrets. The original pamphlets can be found here. I personally prefer the 1922 version of Fascinating Womanhood, as it is more timeless. The 60’s version has a few added examples that are worthwhile, but it also has a great deal of religious opinion that is Andelin’s personal opinion and presented as if essential to Fascinating Womanhood. The original work is universal, every feminine woman would benefit greatly from studying them.

I belong to a group of ladies who have studied these pamphlets for years, and one of these ladies made lesson plans and runs a class for aspiring femmes fatale. She has a facebook page on Fascinating Womanhood 1922 that I like a lot. You can study with her in her 18 lesson class.


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  1. Ekaterina says:

    Thank you for this link. I will take a look!

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