Flowers in your hair

You can always look more feminine when you wear a flower in your hair. A hairband with flowers like above keeps loose hair in place and adds some gentle spice to your face. Because the girl has full, healthy hair, a big set of flowers look very good. The look works at any length, but if you have fine hair, wear smaller flowers to keep it proportionate. The combination of light coloured clothing and flowers, with only mascara worn make for a delicate, innocent look.


A pigtail can be dressed up with a flower in a flattering colour. Notice how simple the style is, just clean shiny hair out-of-the-way, but in a way that is thoughtful of femininity. Because a bit more makeup is worn, harmonised with the flower, the look is sophisticated and sexy.


This is nice for a party or wedding. The style takes more time and you may not always have real flowers, but it looks so chic and delicate.


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I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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