An hour for your beauty

How to do a facial, mani and pedi for yourself in about an hour.

I take one large bowl and fill it half with warm water, half with boiling water. Then I add a steaming tablet from Lush. You can also use a few drops of essential oil instead. I steam my face for 10 minutes or so, then remove blackheads. As I let the water cool a bit and make my apartment smell good, I apply an aspirin mixed with water to my face. I play some nice music, drink my tea and remove the varnish from my finger- and toenails.

By now the water should be cooled off a bit, and I use it to rinse off the aspirin, scrubbing  my face as I rinse.  Aspirin gives your pores a deep cleaning and prevents blemishes. I also take some scrubbing cream to scrub my hands. (Fine sugar mixed with oil also works well.) Once my hands are clean, I apply capsule of evening primrose oil to my face. (An alternative would be coconut oil or olive oil from your kitchen.)

The water should be pleasantly warm by now, and I put it on the floor in front of my sofa so I can take my foot bath. I use little bits of bubble bath product for my feet, because they smell great but I have no bath 😦 I make sure I have a towel ready, my foot rasp, my nail file/buffer and a thick cream. Oh…and my tea! As my feet soak and soften, I buff my nails smooth and shiny. Once I’m done with my hands, any thick skin on my feet is soft enough to remove. Now I cut and file on my toenails and I apply cream  to my feet and hands. Voilà, soft, clean face, hands and feet.

You may notice that if you really only have an hour, there is no time to apply new varnish. This is fine, because it is much better to apply it later. First of all, it is good to give nails a day or night to breathe. Secondly, wet nails shrink as they dry. So when you apply varnish to dry nails, it lasts better and there is less chipping. This routine is good to do before bedtime or a nap, so the creams and oils have some time to do their work.


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