Being cute

When I look at a cute kitten, my heart softens and I want to pick it up and cuddle it. If I saw a big scary tiger outside my door, I’d lock it tightly and call the cops.  The tiger is big, threatening,  and feral. The kitten has big eyes, soft fur and blunted features that make it look vulnerable, and inspires us to care for it. If I saw a stray kitten, I’d instinctively want to give it food and cuddle it, although I may know on an intellectual level that it is not sensible to take it in.


It is only natural to be triggered to take care of a cute and adorable animal. It makes evolutionary sense for those adults who are more deeply inspired to care for their babies to have the most surviving offspring. Most of us are thoroughly wired to take care of the young, cute and vulnerable, even if they belong to another species! As humans, our programming is especially intense, because our little ones are very vulnerable and much less capable of fending for themselves. Some animals are considered cute even in adulthood because they have a few childlike features, for example bears. Even though we know they are fierce predators, and perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, they make us feel soft and tender inside. Another example is the human woman. She is less hairy than the man, with softer, more childlike facial features and more cushioning on the body. As a human woman, you are in the ideal position to take advantage of this programming, and elicit this response when you feel the desire to be doted on.


Let’s see how it is done in a real kitten. I see big eyes, big heads and soft fur in all kittens, but in the second kitten, I also see a cute behaviour. The kitten touches the duck tenderly, further inspiring the viewer to have tender feelings.  The second kitten looks silly, and we are prompted to laugh at it. But we laugh with soft tender feelings.  Even when it may be embarrassing to look silly, and it feels like we are in the weaker position when we are laughed at, it is also an extremely influential position. What politician would not want to be able to create feelings in the very hearts of the public?

Another way to highlight your cuteness, is by adding contrast. Notice how this kitty apparently tries to be scary and threaten you. At the same time, it shows a vulnerable, furry tummy and uses baby talk. This causes the viewer to disagree “Oh, no, you can’t scare me, look how cute you are and how impotent your attempts to inspire fear! Let me pick you up.” The beauty of this technique is that because your quarry is disagreeing with you, it seems like he came up with the thought all by himself.  Even when he intellectually knows that you are very aware of your cuteness. The kitten in the sweater also presents a contrast. First of all, the sweater is too big, focussing attention on the smallness of the kitten. Second, humans wear sweaters, kittens normally don’t. So his outfit highlights the fact that he is small, and a kitten. How cute and how devious…


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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  1. Linden Smart says:

    Nice entry… you always have the perfect pics!

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