Balance, femininity and elegance.

When dressing feminine, sometimes it is hard to find a balance between the desire to show off your figure and the desire to show your dignity. It is also not easy to look girly and delicate, yet at the same time elegant or professional.  I’ll show a few examples of when it is too much and why balance is lost.

This dress is modest and simple, it covers a large part of the body, but it is also feminine and attractive because it shows the womanly shape and is worn with heels. The tied wrap adds a bit of much-needed spice.

This dress is a bit too simple and modest.  It makes the woman look boxier than is needed and is so simple that is looks severe. It is a feminine outfit but because it lacks balance it is not so elegant.

This dress is very sexy and glamorous because it is clingy, bright, and shiny.

This dress is a bit too sexy, it shows too much leg and the eye is drawn down to the hem  because of the draping. It is also unflattering for the girl’s figure as it shows the largest part of her thigh and no bra is worn.

This dress is very cute because of the bows, the print and the hints of pink.

This is a bit too much, it would look much better without the bows, the puffy sleeves and the white ruffles.  The colour is already very sweet and the collar alone adds enough cuteness. Those same big ribbons would lighten and cheer up an old LBD quite nicely.

This woman is looking elegant and sophisticated. Her dress and jacket are grey and professional, but fitted and worn with a feminine hat and shoes.

A sophisticated outfit, but too masculine. The shoes and trousers could have been worn by a man and the jacket hides her figure.

As you see, the difference between a hit and a miss can sometimes be quite subtle.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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