The power of femininity

To harness the powers of femininity, we must embrace and cultivate it. Embracing femininity can be something that you, or others may be uncomfortable with. To embrace what makes you womanly does to some extent mean that you highlight that which makes you different from men. Not so easy when you have learned to find safety in the idea that women are the same as men! Yet at the same time, there is an immense freedom in letting go of the idea that you need to squeeze yourself into a male role to be powerful. A man and a woman do not have to be the same to be equally powerful.  A bird does not have to be a fish and prove that it can swim across a lake… it simply flies over.  Now some birds may be excellent swimmers, and I’ve heard of flying fish. If you are a pinguin, and can swim with the best of fishes, more power to you! But most birds aren’t pinguins, most birds can fly much better than they can swim. The goal is to get on the other side of the lake, not to be the best swimmer! So, spread your wings and let the sky be your oyster.

To be powerful is to be able to take your hopes and dreams, and make them real. Embracing the differences brings an opportunity to experience polarity, a force that creates a powerful attraction, and to use this force to realise your hopes and dreams. If you hope to find love or you want to feel desirable, there is no quality more universally attractive to men than femininity.  Every man is different, and has different tastes when it comes to looks, values and personality. One man may adore blond hair, another may detest it. One man deeply enjoys the stimulating conversation a well read woman can offer, another is bored or threathened by it. One man prefers a soft, curvy body, another a firm and slender one. One man values a religious woman, while another finds her annoying. Yet practically every man who enjoys being a man,  is attracted to femininity. When a man meets a feminine woman, he feels more manly, and this makes him happy. Just like it is very enjoyable for a woman to be in the company of a man who makes her feel like a woman. Thus, he will seek out her company again and again.


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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