The 5 principles of feminine dress

If you would like to dress femininely and look your best, here are five tips principles:

  • Find a balance between modesty and sexiness.
  • Wear some colours and materials that men tend not to wear.
  • Wear more dresses and skirts than trousers.
  • Wear colours and styles that are becoming for your colouring and figure.
  • Wear clothes that suit the occasion and the weather.

Notice how the dress is fitted and flatters her womanly curves. Yet, it is fairly modest, and appropriate for a work situation, all the intimate bits are covered by fabric so she looks ladylike and professional. The colour highlights her eyes and pleasingly contrasts with her red hair. The satin at the bust is not something a man would generally wear.  Her femininity is further enhanced by the ribbon detail and the accessories.


This outfit is young and informal because of the leggings, the floral print and the looser fit. Perfect for a relaxed day in town, a barbeque, or a daytime date. While not tight, it is fitted enough to show off a womanly figure, with a bit of cleavage.


Red always catches attention! The print is a classic, womanly polkadot. Notice how the dress is fitted at the top to show off a nice bust and waist, while the wide skirt suggests full hips. Perfect, also if you lack round hips. I don’t like the shoes, but they have some red in them, nicely repeating the colours in the dress and makeup. The outfit is very suitable for most evening outings.


I love how the cute hairclip is combined with a sexy satin dress! The deep blue works well with her cool colouring and the red lipstick. The dress is sexy, and suits a bar, club or party, yet for those occasions it is still slightly modest. The length of the skirt and the moderate cleavage show that she has some restraint when it comes to showing her body, even when it is acceptable to do so. The shoes are sexy, but the bow makes them cute!


About Christine

I enjoy life, being a woman, thinking about the future and writing.
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