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Wardrobe planning, another example

Let’s imagine a woman in her thirties with small children in a warmer climate, perhaps the mediterranean area, the Southern states or Australia. She lives in a village, likes gardening and dances salsa with her husband twice a week. They … Continue reading

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Wardrobe planning

Being well dress does not require much money or a perfect body, but it does require a lot of thought and planning. If you want to look feminine and attractive and feel comfortable at any occasion, it helps enormously to … Continue reading

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Colour theory: Spring

This is a spring palette. As you see it is light, bright and warm. One of these qualities may be strongest in your own colouring, and the colours where they dominate probably include your best colours. For example, Kermit green … Continue reading

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Refined appearance

    To look feminine, it is important to first look refined and take good take of your appearance. When you dress in delicate, feminine clothing, but have unkempt hair, rough heels and stains, it gives a silly impression. You … Continue reading

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When you are in power, you have the option to harm others. You also have the opportunity to show mercy. When I feed birds in the winter, I show mercy. When I offer a fair price to a desperate merchant, … Continue reading

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Colour theory

Wearing colours that flatter you enhances your beauty and charm greatly.  When wearing your best colours, you naturally present yourself in a seductive way; Your best assets are brought into the light, and your flaws are downplayed. You look attractive, … Continue reading

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  You dont have to be perfect to be charming, feminine and seductive. Imagine a beautiful painting, but dusty and a bit damaged. Or look at the patched bear above. Would you not still be able to love it a … Continue reading

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There is a certain charm in natural, earthy things, but sometimes a bit of refinement can keep something from being coarse and common. When something is refined,  rough edges are removed from it and it is polished and cared for … Continue reading

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Women and career

This is a question by Ekaterina: I have a question that I have in my mind for a long time and ask every feminine woman. What do you think about women and business(career)? What are pros and cons for a … Continue reading

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How to look feminine without even trying

A pretty dress. It is dainty, feminine, delicate. But do you see yourself wearing this after a hard day at work? When you have your nephew over? When you need to scrub the windows? Thought so! When the feminine clothes … Continue reading

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